Design Goals

Design Goals
  1. Must meet highway traffic act requirements, which restricts the dimensions for the unit to 8.5 width and a 13 ft height;
  2. Must meet or exceed building codes so that it is suitable for Canadian winters; This means that all water pipes must be inside the insulation envelope. It also means that humidity must be managed to avoid the growth of mold during the winter.
  3. Must have a solid undercarriage so it can be easily mounted on simple piers anywhere; Ideally the wheel axles can be easily be removed and quickly reinstalled as required;
  4. Because it is a small structure, a minimalist design is essential;
  5. Because it is a shell structure, the interior space is non-structural and can easily meet any design goals;
  6. Must be an open concept with plenty of available light. This translates into a large window area, possibly on both sides. I would also like it to have the ability to roll back the windows to ease the transition between outdoors and indoors.
  7. Exterior wall panels, acting as shutters, that match the size of the sliding glass doors can be folded back in the summer or closed in the coldest times of the winter or when the unit is being stored or unoccupied for maximum security. These panels can add as much as R15.
  8. Small size does not imply sacrifice. Unit can be luxurious.